Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break is Over :( & Customary and Metric Units of Length Foldable

Well, my Spring Break officially ended today. (Insert sad face) Getting up, heading out the door, and leaving my sweet baby girl was super hard. Although I had missed my school kiddos, I really enjoyed being home and playing with my best girl. Oh, well 36 school days left.....I guess we can make it. =)

Today during math we made foldables to organize the different units for length (both customary and metric). Here are some examples of our work and a short how-to on making the foldables:

 I just had to show off my precious baby girl!

Step 1: Get your paper. We used copy paper for ours, but construction paper will work.

Step 2: Fold paper hamburger style.

Step 3: Fold the top flap back toward the fold.

Step 4: Flip the entire foldable over and fold the (new) top flap back toward the fold.

Step 5: Turn horizontal with the folds at the bottom. Write the topic along the fold. Write the subtopics along the flap (#'s 1-4). Cut between each subtopic.

Step 6: Write the details or information for each subtopic beneath each flap.

These can be used for any subject area, and I hope you can use them in your classroom. If you have any questions, please let me know! I hope I was clear in my instructions. =)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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