Thursday, May 8, 2014


So you may or may not know but I began a maternity leave at the beginning of April. Here is a picture of my sweet new baby and his proud big sister:

 Prior to my leave, my kinders and I worked super hard to prepare for our DIBELS test in May. And when I say super hard I mean SUPER HARD! Every spare minute we had we used practicing reading CVC words, segmenting words, and keeping momentum while reading our letters. I wanted to make sure that my kids were as prepared as they could be for their test since I would not be there when they actually tested. This morning I received an email from my instructional coach with this attachment that she titled "Perfection":

All my kids BENCHMARKED!

I am beyond excited! All of our hard work paid off! {Shhhh! Don't tell my kids, but Monday I am going to surprise them with ice cream. :)} I am so proud of them!

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  1. My email from her was definitely not titled "perfection"…but congrats on yours!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. You both are awesome and you know it!!