Sunday, September 14, 2014

In the Works! Blog Series: Counting in the Primary Classroom

So I had high hopes of finally posting my classroom tour this weekend, but instead I took the weekend off from all things "teaching" and spent time with my family. :) My baby boy turned five months old on Friday, so I decided to take some pictures. 
Roll Tide!

Although I didn't actually "work" on anything school related this weekend, my wheels were still turning! I have been doing  A LOT of PD in the area of mathematics and OGAP (click {here} to learn more about what OGAP is and pick up a freebie) and I have been working on increasing the rigor (don't you just LOVE that word?) in my classroom with math. 

I want share what I have learned and what I have found (so far) to work in my classroom, so I decided to do a series of posts as a way to share with you! 

I hope to have the first one finished by this weekend. 

So far my ideas include posts on:

                             1. Introducing the series and some of my learning
                             2. Counting Collections
                             3. Counting Jar
                             4. Morning Meeting/Math Meeting

If you have any suggestions for other things that you would like to know more about, please let me know!


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