Sunday, January 25, 2015

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

This week was all about snowmen. We began the week by introducing this poem from Tara West.
My kinders loved acting out this poem. It really helped to get the wiggles out during carpet time. 

We read the book Snowmen At Night {click here to purchase} and worked on a story map for the story.
We talked about the different story elements and worked together to complete the story map together during whole group.

My kinders then completed their own story maps, which we displayed on the bulletin board in the entryway of our classroom.

Don't you just love my snowman displaying the story elements?
I just love how Creative Clips can add to any bulletin board display!

After we read the book and I saw how much my kinders enjoyed talking about the snowmen, I decided that I wanted a fun way to conclude our "Snowman Week". After seeing several fellow teachers blogging about making snow in their classroom, I decided to give it a try! I got on Pinterest and found this recipe for homemade snow.

The recipe called for 2 cups of baking soda and 1/2 cup of conditioner. I doubled the recipe for each of my groups and it was more than enough for each student to have enough snow to build a snowman.
I ended up using six boxes of baking soda and one large bottle of conditioner for my 15 students.

I wanted to surprise my kinders with the "snow", so I didn't tell them about it until right before we made it. I did, however, give them a small hint. Our question of the day was "Do you want to build a snowman?"
Would you believe that I had one say "no"? 
He changed his mind though when I brought out the snow. :)

They LOVED playing with the snow! I was very pleased with how well it stuck together and how easy it was to clean up! A little sweeping and wiping down with wet wipes and Viola! a clean room again. 

After we played in the snow, we did a writing activity (had to keep it educational!) that you can snag for free by clicking here. 

Do you wanna build a snowman?


  1. Looks lille your snow experience went better than mine!! We had a LITTLE more of a mess than you I think!! But the kids loved it so I will try it again but maybe I will snag your recipe and leave the shaving cream out!! Looks like it was a fun week in kinder world!

  2. Fun! :) Did the kids take their snowman home?

    1. They carried their SNOW home! I put it in a ziploc baggie (two actually) with some extra conditioner in it so that it wouldn't dry out. :)

    2. That's so great! Thanks for the tip about adding extra conditioner! :)

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