Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BAMA Bloggers 2014 ~It was AWESOME!~

{photo courtesy of Jennifer White}

I had an AWESOME time yesterday at the Bama Bloggers Meet! Thank you so much Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies for setting it up and for my very first (and most likely not my last) roll of washi tape!
Isn't it lovely? It even has daisies on it! 

We had a gift exchange this year, and it was awesome too! I mean, who doesn't like getting presents?
Check out my PRIZE!
 I love love LOVE Mr. Sketch! And the new movie night markers smell exactly as it says! I was able to pick out each scent without looking at the key on the back. Pretty awesome! 
I also received these awesome (notice a trend lol) flair pens. Don't you just LOVE the colors?

Thank you so much Vicky! I couldn't have received a better prize. :) 

Here are my pictures from the meet up. Hope you enjoy!

 Angela (Daily Alphabet), me
 Vicky (Primary Press), me
 me, Jennifer (First Grade Blue Skies)

Can't wait for next year! It's gonna be....(wait for it)....


  1. It was so awesome meeting you, Jada! Looking forward to the next meet up!

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