Friday, August 15, 2014

Squares of Blue & Red Circles too! Welcome to the first FULL week of school!

First full week is in the books! 
WOW! Just WOW!
My class this year is going to keep me on my toes! So far I have 18 darling kinders. Eleven boys and seven girls. Yes, you read that right - ELEVEN BOYS and seven girls!
WOW! Just WOW!

OK now that I have that out of my is a look at some of the things that we accomplished this week!

Our Name Buses from Deanna Jump's Name Unit

We painted red circles and listed things that are red.
{We also painted blue squares and listed things that are blue, but I forgot to take pictures.}

We learned these four "super words" from our Three Little Pigs Close Read from Tara West (LOVE LOVE LOVE her!).
We then chose our favorite word and illustrated its meaning on our pigs. (Notice the blue fire and blue dollars.)

We also worked on these "popcorn words". I was very impressed with how fast my kinders caught on to these words and were able to use them in sentences. One activity that they really seemed to enjoy was "Sentence Mix-Up". I would call four students up to the front of the room and give each one a card - either one of the sight word cards seen above or a picture card. They would then have to place themselves in the correct order for the sentence to make sense. They LOVED it! 

We learned about circles and squares by using Vickie Plant's You Better Shape Up! Unit. 
My kinders LOVED making the shape people!

We wrapped up our week by reading Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker. You can find a copy of it here. We did our own version of some of the activities that you can find on First Grade Blue Skies.
I thought our cats turned out SUPER CUTE! Whatcha think?

Let me just say that we (I) would not have made it through this first week without Deanna Jump's All Set? You Bet! pack! We used the Jukebox section AT LEAST three times a day to help us (them) get our (their) wiggles out. It was (and will continue to be) my sanity-saver. To check it out for yourself, you can click 

We had so much fun this week! I can't wait to see what next week holds as we dive into numbers, counting, and letter formation!

How did your first FULL week go? I would love to hear about some of the things that you did, so please leave a comment!



  1. Square Cat Love! Thank you, Mrs. Tolbert's Class! May I post your image on Eula Square Cat's blog? Thank you.
    All best square wishes!
    Elizabeth Schoonmaker
    Square Cat
    Aladdin Books, In Stores Now!
    Square Cat ABC December 2014

    1. Yes you may Elizabeth! Please just link back to my blog. I just love Ela and so did my kinders! Thank you!

    2. Thank you! We linked and I grabbed your button!

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