Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day!......better late than never ;)

After being gone from school for FOUR DAYS last week because of SNOW (this is Alabama people!), we came back today and began our Valentine's festivities. We played Valentine's Day themed math games and made a Valentine's Day craft. Tomorrow we will exchange cards and eat SUPER SPECIAL Valentine's Day snacks. :) Here are some pictures from our day!

First, we made these SUPER CUTE hats from First Grade Parade. The kiddos thought that they were the greatest thing! :) Super easy & Super fun!
Then, we played math games from a pack that I purchased from the Moffatt Girls. It is awesome! I just love print and go packs. :-) Click here to pick up your own copy!
Figuring out number bonds
 Measuring with a strip of hearts :) such a great follow-up to our unit on measurement!
Making use of my wonderful Wal-Mart find! Roll a couple of dice, add them up, and color the sum!
 Filling in Valentine's Day themed tens frames with teen numbers

My kinders had a blast today! Thank you ladies for your wonderful ideas. :)


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