Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bar Graphs, Conjugation Chains, and Verbs Galore!

We are super busy this week preparing for our assessments that are in 3 weeks. In addition to our "regular" math class (where we are discussing decimals), we are also having a second math class in the afternoon to make sure that we get everything covered before the test. This week we are looking at  how to gather data through surveys and how to use that data to create a tally chart and graph. Today we look at creating bar graphs. Here are a few pics from our afternoon:

We are also working on verbs in grammar. We have talked about the different tenses (present, past, and future). Today we made conjugation chains.

I wrote differnt verbs on index cards and gave each student one card. They were then to conjugate their verb into present, past, and future tenses. We displayed their conjugations in chains that we hung around the room.

Here is an anchor chart that I made for past tense verbs:

Seven more days until SPRING BREAK! YAY!!!!! =)


  1. Love your graphs, chains, and anchor charts. My countdown is 12 school days...but I am not counting right?!?!

  2. I have a question if you don't mind

    how do you get the backgrounds on your post?
    Do you use powerpoint for the backgrounds or is there a special program?

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