Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seuss Week =), Compliance Review, & a FREEBIE coming soon!

I am SO LOVING Dr. Seuss Week! My hall is all decked out for Seuss-ville (my part at least). My kids seem to be enjoying it, too. Tomorrow is our "free read" day. We are going to read our books with our pillow pets, eat green eggs and ham, turn ourselves into Thing 1 and Thing 2, eat Thing 1 and Thing 2 inspired cupcakes, create graphs and make predictions with our goldfish (you can find the activity on my TPT store), and watch "The Lorax". I can't wait! The only bad thing is I have to clean (really deep cleaning too) for the Compliance Review Team that is coming next week from the State. Ugh! Say a prayer. I am on the group of teachers that "gets" to talk with them. Lucky me! I will be posting pictures of all our fun from this week. Look for them in the next day or two.

Oh I am also working on a St. Patrick's Day Adding and Subtracting Fractions Pack that I will have on my TPT store (hopefully by this weekend!). I will also be posting a FREEBIE to go along with it! =)

Have a Happy Dr. Seuss's Birthday everyone!


  1. Hope your review goes well! Have fun tomorrow!

  2. awww, I am so glad that you do Dr. Seuss stuff even in 4th grade! I bet you are such a fun teacher!

  3. Thanks Vickie!

    Katie- My kids say that my stuff is fun. I just want them to enjoy learning. That's what my job is! =)I LOVE IT!

  4. Hey Jada! I nominated you for an award, come on over and get it!

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